Westrenpath deals exclusively with "CANADIAN EDUCATION" programs ONLY.

Westrenpath is one of the leading Company exclusively specialised in Canadian education services.

The Corporate office of the Company Located in Canada under name of "Westrenpath" The head office located in Bulhowal, Hoshiarpur, Punjab under name of "Westrenpath Company" .

We offers a broad platform of excellently managed services right from pre-admission to post landing services every student seeking Canadian education. Westrenpath is One stop Platform for those who are desirous of pursuing their Canadian Education dreams. Westrenpath has emerged as a giant in the field of Canadian education, by making it more affordable and easily accessible without any cumbersome procedures. It aims to rigorously and actively promote Canadian education in every city of India.

Its main activity is assisting students in making the right choice in pursuing their education in Canadian institutions. Westrenpath works with several leading SPP Colleges and universities of CANADA, facilitating smoother and easier admission process for our students. We have a portfolio of valued Counsellors & Advisors flourish on a reputation of "Good Word of Mouth" based on our commitment to succeed in delivering services in excess of clients' expectations.

The core team at Westrenpath includes highly educated, and have more than 5 years of experience in counselling students ONLY on Canadian Education. A combination of extensive experience, in-depth industry knowledge and strong dedication to help students enables us to provide result-oriented solutions


Court Road, F.F, Above DCB Bank,
Hoshiarpur-146001, Punjab, India


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